touchenergy wellbeing workshops

Unfurl... your relaxation

Take time out for yourself and focus on pure relaxation as we learn to reconnect and listen to our bodies, easing tension leaving you refreshed and breathing easy. These classes are a great introduction to remembering how amazing our bodies are and will equip you with everyday mind and body tools as well as meet new people and do something positive for you in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Unfurl... with mindfulness

Explore the art of being present in the moment, learn to slow down and turn attention inwards for increased self awareness and importantly, practice simple effective mindfulness techniques including short simple guided meditations, gentle movement & breathing exercises. Mindfulness practice is now recognised by the NHS as an effective stress reduction tool addressing low mood & self esteem, anxiety and depression.

Unfurl... your stress

This personal development course is for those wanting to understand and explore their stress cycle and patterned responses further and where/how we can affect change. Share experiences, learn effective coping strategies, goalsetting and different tools alongside mindfulness, CBT and coaching techniques designed to give you a more positive outlook, increased emotional resilience and a sense of wellbeing, balance and control. This course includes handouts and worksheets and will require further reflection from you to develop self awareness. PLEASE REGISTER INTEREST.

Unfurl... with Reiki

Learn about and experience this powerful, restorative form of Universal healing energy (Ki) as we explore the major 7 chakras and discover how we can rebalance on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels within this healing system. A practical and creative course increasing our awareness of self and our experience, develop intuition, affirmations, visualisations and improve our sense of wellbeing, balance and health everyday. PLEASE REGISTER INTEREST.

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