LATEST August 2020:
Now back to work offering much needed hands on touchenergy treatments & home visits for private clients and CRISP carers.

Check out our NEW ONLINE Unfurl Wellbeing programme including mindfulness, movement and relaxation sessions with Sharon, designed to improve your physical and mental health as well as emotional resilience and wellbeing through practical exercises, tools and coaching to you help feel better, wherever you’re at. Please get in touch.

Mindful Holistic Approach

Our response to stress and life's ever-increasing demands upon us affects our mental, physical and emotional health and can leave us drained, frustrated or overwhelmed.
Through touchenergy, Sharon has worked with individuals, groups and companies through mindfulness and hands on complementary therapies, personal development coaching, wellbeing talks & stressbusting workshops to support and improve people's health and wellbeing since 2000.
Often all it takes is a bit of perspective and small positive changes of lifestyle, routine or mindset to really make a difference to the enjoyment of your life everyday whatever it throws at you.

We can help you recharge

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