These past few years have been challenging so if you’re feeling drained, stressed, isolated or overwhelmed, we’re here to help, especially if you are a caregiver. After 20 years of touchenergy and working face to face with mindfulness, coaching, teaching and complementary therapies, Sharon is now offering online Unfurl relaxation classes, courses and one to one sessions designed to support you right now. Join us to gain the tools, awareness and confidence you need to reclaim your space, from the inside out.

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Mindful Holistic Approach

Our response to stress and life's ever-increasing demands upon us affects our mental, physical and emotional health and can leave us drained, frustrated or overwhelmed. Through touchenergy, Sharon has worked with individuals, groups and companies through mindfulness and hands on complementary therapies, personal development coaching, wellbeing talks & stressbusting workshops to support and improve people's health and wellbeing since 2000. Often all it takes is a bit of perspective and small positive changes of lifestyle, routine or mindset to really make a difference to the enjoyment of your life everyday whatever it throws at you.

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