Organisational Healthcare

Management led, employee health and wellbeing solutions are available through treatments, workshops and training.

When your employees are stressed-out your business suffers!

Improving your employees' health at work will play a big part in reducing absence and staff retention rates, improving morale and motivation and can significantly enhance job performance, team work and leadership skills.

This has a direct impact on the quality of service they provide to your customers and the effectiveness of your business.

Touchenergy provides a healthy solution for your company

The Health & Safety Executive state "The costs of stress to your organisation may show up as high staff turnover, an increase in sickness absence, reduced work performance, poor timekeeping and more customer complaints."

Organisations also have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for staff through.

  • Personal development coaching

  • On Site Massage (workplace, exhibitions & events)

  • Stress & Change Management Consultancy

  • Corporate healthcare

  • Ergonomic assessments

  • Stretching & Relaxation workshops

  • A range of informative, practical talks & workshops for staff

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